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Advocacy is an important part of shaping and changing the world. Taking action does not have to be hard or take a lot of time, but it can be very powerful. Make your voice heard and use it to speak for someone that may not be able to speak for themselves. The best way to insure adults will continue to have access to low-cost literacy classes is if we as a community continue to let the decision makers know it is a priority.

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Put what you care passionately about into writing.
It makes a difference!

Ways to Advocate:
   - Write a letter - to a decision maker, the newspaper, a friend or family member.
   - Help someone you know receive literacy services so that they can tell their story.
   - Send an email to your political representatives.
   - Invite an ALP representative to talk to a group you belong to.
   - Host a dinner at your home and share with your friends and family why supporting
     adult literacy is a passion of yours and matters to our community.

Please contact us if you need ideas or information.

COABE (Coalition on Adult Basic Education), one of our national affiliates, works to increase investments in adult education to ensure that those in need are able to access services, strengthen their basic skills, and advance through career pathways in high demand fields. Visit the COABE website for more information.

ProLiteracy, one of our national affiliates, advocates for policies that support local adult literacy and basic education programs and the rights of adult learners. Visit the ProLiteracy website for more information.

Everyday Activites:

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ALP is a member of Bagoy's Florist & Home's Helping Hands fundraising program. When you order online, there is a check box at the bottom of the payment page that says, "This is a Helping Hands order." Once you check that box, the list of enrolled organizations are shown and you can choose us.

Link your Fred Meyer's Reward Card and select NPO number 92419 Alaska Literacy Program. Every time you shop with your rewards card, ALP receives a donation from Fred Meyer.

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