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Learn about the 100 civics questions, prepare for the interview and English test, and learn where to find reliable resources.

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Questions & Answers
Citizenship Classes

When are citizenship classes?

Classes are 1.5 hours long and meet twice a week. Classes meet on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday.

Citizenship classes are available on a limited schedule. Please look for the word "citizenship" on the class schedule to see class times. 

You can take more than one class at a time. If you can, take an English class with your citizenship class.

How much does class cost?

Right now, all of our classes are free. Please donate if you can!

When we do charge, we use a "sliding fee scale" so you pay what you can. If you are worried about cost, please talk to us.

What does the class help with?

This class uses free resources from USCIS, and ESL citizenship guide textbooks from New Readers Press to inform students about the citizenship process, define important words and phrases found on immigration forms, and prepare students for the interview and English test.

Students will also learn about the 100 civics questions and answers

Is there study material at ALP for US citizenship?

USCIS has free study materials that you can access online or print. ALP has some of these resources available at our office.

The free USCIS materials include: vocabulary word flashcards,  an English booklet with all 100 civics questions/answers and information about the English test, and even resources in other languages.

ALP citizenship classes also use affordable textbooks from New Readers Press. The Ready for the Interview textbook is $15 and includes information on the N-400 application and prepares for the interview at the end. The Civics & Literacy textbook is also $15 and prepares students for the 100 civics questions.

What if I am very beginning English?

ALP offers a beginning literacy textbook called Citizenship: Passing the Test Literacy Skills Workbook for $10 that is a great place to start! 

Having basic English skills is a part of the process. If you are very beginning English, it is a good idea to take English classes first.

Can you help with my personal immigration challenges?

No. We are not immigration attorneys and are not qualified to help with an individual immigration process.

We help teach all the general information you need to know to be successful in the process, but if you need individual help with something, we can recommend local immigration attorneys or Alaska Institute for Justice for some circumstances.