Digital Literacy Classes at ALP

Learn about important digital literacy topics like:
  -  using a computer or tablet
  -  using the internet
  -  using email
  -  Microsoft Office skills

Take a proctored exam to show your progress and add to your resume.

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Questions & Answers
Digital Literacy Classes

When are digital literacy classes?

Classes are 1.5 hours long and meet twice a week. Classes meet on Monday and Wednesday, or Tuesday and Thursday.

Please look for the word "digital literacy" or "Northstar" on the class schedule to see class times. 

How much does class cost?

Right now, all of our classes are free. Please donate if you can!

When we do charge, we use a "sliding fee scale" so you pay what you can. If you are worried about cost, please talk to us.

What does the class help with?

This class uses the Northstar Digital Literacy curriculum. You can learn about important digital literacy topics like using a computer or tablet, using the internet, using email, and Microsoft Office skills.

What if I am very beginning English?

Some English skills, especially listening and speaking, are needed to get the most out of this class.